4 Magnificent Cooking Hacks For Repairing Burnt Foodstuff

If you’ve got been cooking for a lengthy time, you’ve got likely knowledgeable burning or overcooking your food stuff. Most cooks would just toss it absent but that is these a waste – there are loads of swift fixes you can check out to salvage your dish! It dependes on what style of dish you are cooking, but if you want to find out some helpful cooking hacks for repairing burnt foodstuff, read through on!


If you burn steak or any meat over a grill or on the pan mainly because of higher flames, prospects are the inside is underdone. What you can do is to sear the meat in a pan (ideally oven-proof) then move it into your oven (300F) till cooked via.

If you might be cooking meat to put in a stew or soup and it starts to burn off, halt cooking. Clean the pan just before cooking the meat once more or cook the meat in an fully distinct pan.


If you steam or boil produce also very long, drain them and plunge them into ice drinking water in a bowl. This stops the cooking course of action. Following a number of minutes, drain once more.

If greens are way overcooked, you can still use them for other dishes! Overcooked greens can be pureed, broiled with butter or cheese, or frozen to be made use of later on for soup or gravy.

Rice, pasta or potatoes

Carbs like rice, pasta and potatoes prepare dinner quickly that is why they’re very effortless to overcook, even if you just remaining them for a few of minutes. If you overcook rice, area it in a strainer, rinse and drain perfectly to clear away the stickiness. If this doesn’t operate, you can change it into fried rice.

For soggy pasta and potatoes, just permit them dry then fry them in the pan with some butter, olive oil and heaps of seasoning. You can also repurpose the pasta by baking it into casseroles and as for the potatoes, they’re fantastic for frittatas or omelettes.

Soups and Sauces

When you realize that you are soup or sauce is burning, switch off the burner straight away. Ordinarily, liquids will only have the bottom burnt, so do not scrape the base component of the pan and just transfer the soup or sauce in a unique pan or pot to go on cooking.

Throwing absent burnt or overcooked meals really should be your final vacation resort. Salvage what you can and just repurpose the foods into a further dish! Comply with these 4 magnificent cooking hacks for correcting burnt foods.

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