Africa – The Sleeping Large In The Constructing Design Entire world

As they say, requirement is the mother of creation. Now that Globalisation is below with us, Africans will require to up their game in design methodology to fulfill the latest desire. Issues these types of as population explosion, urbanisation, restricted supply of materials, price tag of labour etcetera ought to be tackled.

During the early moments, labour was not a important hindrance given that men and women could use slaves to create buildings these as Fort Jesus. Presently, in the approach of designing constructions, the price of labour has to be included so as to allow the project to be practical.


Africans must embrace new techniques of design applied in other places in the earth. The Making Code in Kenya need to be open to allow other expectations these types of as American criteria which are very made when it comes to the use of Pre-Engineered Metal buildings. Its also higher time another person came up with the African Typical no matter how significantly-fetched this may well sound. When analysis is completed on African development techniques this kind of as Adobe,timber buildings, a conventional can originate which will assist the rest of the earth in making their selections.


Property developed remedies to development that have been employed here in Kenya for hundreds of years can be revived to relieve lack of housing.

Adobe has been employed in Kenya for centuries.Study should be performed to commercialise the use of Adobe in development. Now, the Indian and Chinese are exporting cement-fibre boards for use as wall panels. If the Adobe know-how is investigated additional, am absolutely sure another person enterprising sufficient will soon come up with a model identical to the cement-fibre boards and relieve the price tag of building.
Environment-primary Global multinationals in cement these as La Farge also started out from the to start with step so its in no way much too late.


China and India are producing good company exporting ceramic tiles to Kenya. Ceramic tiles are essentially produced from clay soil which we have in loads in this article in Kenya.

Our ancestors have been creating clay pots for various centuries now utilizing Clay. Output of ceramic tiles is comparable to the standard technique of baking clay pots. Hence, if an enterprising Kenyan can arrive up with a approach of industrial output of ceramics, we will not have to have to import this “Asian Soil” to Kenya.


The most high-priced roofing solution in the marketplace is the stone-coated steel tile-thatch roof-profile. This is bought in Kenya by firms this kind of as South African Harvey Roofing Products, Australian Decra Place and Design, and Dura Roofing Tiles.

These roofing tile imitates thatch roof which we have been using for hundreds of years listed here in Kenya. This is due to the fact thatch roof has the greatest aesthetic glance and insulation. This is also one more avenue that Africans can get the job done on to improve on the provide of building supplies.


The most high priced paint in the market place at the moment is the Rough textured paint this kind of as ‘Crown Ruff n Tuff’. Again this paint is pricey due to the fact it tries to seize the very good appears to be like of Adobe mud wall and also the excellent insulation features of the Adobe mud partitions.

The Adobe mud walls have been in use in Africa for Centuries. If we can function on strengthening this and production it for the World wide market, then we will help save a ton of overseas exchange and develop work.

Some factories in South Africa are production plastic imitations of thatch which is exported to the rest of the planet. If we can place in some study, we can certainly come up with a option that is far better than the existing imitations.

HARDWOOD Doorways & Furnishings

The most highly-priced doorways in the current market at the second are hand-curved hardwood doors. In Kenya, we have the impressive Swahili doors. Again, it these are manufactured for export to the world wide marketplace, then this will outcome in development of employment and revenues right here in Africa.

In Kenya, we have incredibly resourceful stick and wooden home furniture that is common. This can be created commercially for export. A superior instance is the Bamboo home furniture offered at Ramboo, Mombasa Street, produced in South Africa and exported to Kenya.

Ground TILES

Imported slate-stone counter tops and flooring tiles are really costly. In Kenya we have Mazeras stone flooring finishes which if well minimize and polished, can be a important export for the Region. Therefore, its crucial to note that Africa has the potential to supply the planet with unique design materials. All we need to have to do is to feel outside the house the box and supply the earth with special building products at a reduced price tag.

This is a sleeping giant waiting to be awoken in this sector. Lets hope that the new constitution will awaken this giant.

Architect Frank Gichuhi

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