Craft A Cheery Outdoor Playhouse For Your Favorite Little Cheerleader

Everybody will cheer, “Your outdoor playhouse is totally awesome!” when they see your little girl’s cheerleader themed play place. Your favorite cheerleader and her cheerleading friends will have a rah-rah good time coming up with new and exciting cheers during their play dates. Children that cheer often have an abundance of energy and a real zeal for enjoying themselves. You can capture that liveliness and vivacity as you develop your plan for designing and decorating your little girl’s cheerleader cottage:

Pick paint that is bright, cheery, and lively. You may want to go with the colors of her favorite sports or cheerleading team if she prefers. Some very feminine and popular colors include candy purple, electric blue, cotton candy pink, and sunshiny yellow. Use those colors either individually, paired with another high energy color like an ultra-white, or combine them to concoct funky patterns throughout the wooden playhouse.

Her cheerleader cottage kids play house should have plenty of mirrors! Create a wall of mirrors using a reflective, yet safe material. She and her friends will need to see how they look doing their different moves, making those funny cheerleading facial expressions, and watching as their hair whips around. It’s all a part of doing what it takes to be a fantastic cheerleader.

Load the outdoor playhouse up with pom poms. Use cheer inspired hooks on the walls for hanging up pom poms of different colors and sizes. You may even consider using pom poms as tie-backs for curtains.

Use cheerleader patterned fabrics for decorating and covering the outdoor play house furniture. Having smiling, splitting cheerleaders will serve to keep your daughter inspired when she’s playing and practicing. Another option for incorporating cheerleader themes into the playhouse for kids is to use wall decals that are shaped like megaphones, and speech bubbles. In fact, there should be a section of the kids playhouse wall where she and her friends can write cheer ideas.

Her outdoor playhouse will make a fabulous cheerleading cottage. In addition to the decor, be sure to include a dress up area, stocked with a myriad of cheerleading uniforms, hair bows, and even fake pony tails if she would like. Remember, cheerleading is a recognized sport. Her kids play house might be the training ground for the next big cheerleading star…your daughter!

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