Trade Show Displays: 3 Attractions That Your Exhibition Booth Visitors Will Love

Everyone loves food

As basic as this idea is, most booths don’t give away eatables. Even if the eatables do not relate to your organisation in any way, having something delectable can attract visitors to your stall at every event. To integrate these eatables with your promotional strategy, consider the possibility of including cookie or candy tins with your company’s logo or name. You could also have cheese samples with a cutting board that has your company’s name or logo emblazoned on it. You can use any kind of simple snack instead of the items suggested here. When these people walk around the exhibition munching on your stuff, other people will notice it and come looking for your booth.

Adding popcorn, freshly baked goods or aromatic coffee can create a welcoming aroma around your stall that will attract visitors from all directions. Just remember to place the eatables at the rear end of your exhibition stand so that people have to walk through your display, see your products and talk to you. Have your promotional literature ready to give them as they leave.

Interesting giveaways

Having some cool giveaways is another strategy that is certain to attract visitors. There is such a wide range of options for giveaways that choosing one can be a challenge. The decision can become easier if you think about the type of event you are planning for, the average profile of the visitors, the message you want to communicate, your organisation and the focal point of your trade show display. Look for a product within these parameters that can increase your ROI. An example of such a giveaway could be a reusable water bottle with the company logo at an outdoor event during the summers.

If you are not sure about the giveaway, get reusable bags with your company’s name and logo, so that giveaways from all other booths will be stowed away inside your bag, and visitors will carry them throughout the event.

Live demos

Although live demos may not be suitable for all trade show displays, but if you can come up with an idea for visitors to see or participate in a demo of your product, you will gain a great deal of benefit. The crowd that gathers around your booth to see the demo will attract more visitors, making you and your products more unforgettable.

If a live demo is not possible, a video demo can be displayed on a large screen television at your exhibition stand. Visitors will definitely glance at it and may continue looking if the content catches their interest.

Having these three items at your trade show display will guarantee that people will visit your stand. Just make sure that these activities are integrated with your products, your displays or your company. You can get professional assistance from exhibition stand builders and exhibition stand designers that can provide customised giveaways, eatables and even design your video demo to make it attractive for an exhibition environment.

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